Fixed metallic shelves

Metal modular shelving units: efficient space

Knowledge has always been the key to success. Having access to precise information at the right time may be decisive. Space, order, accessibility, and retention are key issues in the management of any file.

E-FIX metal fixed shelving units will help you manage your archive more efficiently, enhancing order and accessibility and providing solutions to improve the state of preservation of the documents. Metal modular shelving units are easy to assemble and allow you to expand and change their configuration, as well as to reuse all the equipment if you change your location. It is also adapted to the installation of drive-in racks in the future.

The versatility of modular shelving allows you to incorporate many accessories and complements to adapt it to the needs of each file type (hanging folders, audiovisual material, magazine rack, display case, pull-out shelves, sliding server shelves, clip bookends, metal dividers, swing doors, etc.).

Our clients can personalize their color using the RAL chart. Aesthetics, functionality, and strength are fundamental requirements in the continuous evolution of our storage systems.

EFIX is a custom-made product to meet the needs of the user.

Eypar Efix


They provide with a load capacity of 100 kg per running meter supported in the middle panels and frames by means of easy to place and pull out hooks (no need of tool or accessory for this task). Individually adjustable on each side of the shelf each 25 mm.


Exterior sides

(front and rear panel): Built in one piece, in 1 mm thick polished and cold-rolled steel plate. They are equipped with a title tab allowing the identification of the shelves content.


Middle frames

Elements splitting the interior of the shelves into two or more modules according to their long dimension. Its structure is made out of four
vertical profiles, covered with dividing panels aimed to avoid any document movement and fall.


Back panels

Elements dividing and separating the two sides of the double shelves, therefore avoiding any movement of the documentation. They also provide the structure with a complete stability, avoiding the need of a bracing turnbuckle.


Leveling feet

They support the shelves and allow their levelling.


Bracing turnbuckles

Elements strongly bracing the frames and providing the structure with a complete stability. They also include thread turnbuckles to adjust the vertical position.

Solution E-Fix

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