2.500 metros cuadrados con posibilidad de ampliación hasta 5.000

We currently have a production center of 2,500 square meters, located in the town of Melide, La Coruña, with an annual production capacity of 250,000 linear meters.

Our commercial and after-sales service network is capable of meeting the needs of the current market, guaranteeing coverage at any point in the national geography within a period not exceeding 24 hours. A commercial technician travels to the place of the possible supply to see the characteristics of the place where the installation is going to be located and define, together with the user, its needs and characteristics.

Based on the information collected, our technical office will prepare a project that will make it possible to optimize the available space to the maximum. The solutions offered are personalized and will adapt both to the dimensions of each location and to the measurements of the element to be stored. The objective is to obtain the maximum use of the space in each case. Throughout these years, our technical office has also managed internal research, development and innovation (R+D+I) projects, incorporating new products and accessories to our commercial portfolio.

We currently have six fully developed product brands, the family of compact OFI-KIT mini-compact, E-DISC manual movement cabinets, ELOGIC automated cabinets and GRENBLOCK developed for equipment in golf clubs. The range is completed by the BLOCKART lines for equipment in museums and art galleries and the STANDBOOK furniture for libraries.

We have recently incorporated a new evolution of ELOGIC. It is a system that allows you to take advantage of even more space in height. ELOGIC/Plus allows the creation of one or two mezzanines, being able to reach eight meters in height.