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We manage your fine arts mobile shelving units

BLOCKART is designed to meet the specific storage requirements of works of art in Museums, Art Galleries, Picture Galleries, etc. in response to their growth. Our systems offer efficient, innovative, secure, cost-effective solutions for your space constraints.

BLOCKART includes a variety of accessories to guarantee the best storage conditions for the objects and works of art.

Space optimization

BLOCKART allows you to choose between two options: suspended or pull-out fine arts mobile racks.

The main objective in each case is optimizing the available space and adapting the installation to the stored object.

The screen, the support on which the works of art are hanged or placed, is their common element. Its grid enables different configurations and combinations for objects with different formats and sizes. 

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The Best conditions for works of Art

BLOCKART is designed to meet archive and storage needs generated by the growing volume of art works in museums, galleries, etc.

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Our systems provide effective, innovative, safe and profitable solutions for your storage problems.

BLOCKART offers different accessories that provide archived objects and works with the best storage conditions.

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Optimization of available space

BLOCKART allows you to choose between two options, hanging screens or mobile screens.

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The main goal in each case is the optimization of the available space and to adapt the installation to the type of object stored.
The screen, The screen element common to both options is the support for hanging or supporting the artwork. The amount of grid reticules of the screen allow for different options when distributing and combining different shapes and sizes.

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Hanging screens for large spaces

Our screen hanging system is mounted on a self-supporting structure on the existing floor. 

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The screens can be moved by applying a slight pulling force on the front handle. This option is recommended for spaces presenting heights greater than 2.5 meters.

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