Modular shelves for libraries

STANBOOK is a modular system for MIXED library shelving that combines a wood finish with the strength of metal.

The STANBOOK line of library shelving has three series of shelving units (“Mixed”, “Gondola” and “Mixed-Gondola”) to offer a variety of alternatives and possibilities to arrange each LIBRARY.

The different finishes and colors allow you to integrate STANBOOK in any space and room. STANDBOOK is designed to improve accessibility and order for users in an agile and comfortable way.

STANDBOOK modular library shelving is custom made according to the needs of the user.

Solution Standbook

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Eypar Standbook

Assembly features

The sides are fibreboard covered in natural wood veneer, (there are other finishes available). The sides are finished with rounded profiles in solid wood.

The shelves are constructed from metal and come with a rear bumper and label holder on the front. The shelves are supported by intermediate racks with height-adjustable brackets.

The structure, composed of intermediate and rear racks is also made of metal. Includes levelling feet.

Accesorios Standbook


The wide variety of accessories enables the adaptability to the needs of each user and their project.

Accesorios Standbook